If you want to get your kitchen updated or maintained, then you should get in touch with our skilled workers at RKH Builders. We are kitchen remodel contractors that provide a variety of services to ensure that your kitchen looks as new as ever. Want to get something repaired in your kitchen? We are here to help! 

Whether you want to get a leaky faucet repaired or install new cabinets, our workers are equipped with the right tools to do it for you. Our reliable workers have the skills and experience to get the job done in a timely manner.  

Kitchen Remodel Contractors

Want to give your kitchen a completely new look? Our professionals have enough experience to do it. We at RKH Builders, make sure to make our clients’ dreams come into reality by designing their kitchen in the exact way that they want it to look like.  

Cabinet Repair and Installation 

Our workers will ensure that your cabinets are aligned straight and repair all the broken hinges. We will also fix the peeling laminate of the cabinets. Moreover, if you have a new design in your mind, then we can install new cabinets for you as well.  

Sink Repair and Installation 

Whether you want to repair your old sink or have been wanting to get a new one, our workers will get it done perfectly.  

Countertop Repair and Installation 

Our workers are experienced to repair and install countertops of all types including marble, natural stone, granite, etc. We will complete all your custom countertops projects in a reliable and timely manner.  

Contact Us Today! 

If you want to hire kitchen remodel contractors in Belmar, New Jersey, then feel free to contact us, and our skilled workers will be at your doorstep to provide you with their high-quality services. We always make sure to keep all of our customers requirements in consideration to provide them with a customised kitchen experience.